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We are a family run café comprised of two sisters (Lauren and Jennifer) and their beautiful mother (Beth). Mom gets the credit for perfecting the chocolate chip cookie! Over the years, her daughters developed the same baking skills and are now expanding the chocolate chip cookie to include other delicious flavors! Now, we are always creating new flavors and will have a rotating cookie menu, as well as other delicious baked goods! We cannot wait to share these mouth watering sweets with you all!

Our team also includes Jonah - our talented chef and coffee roaster! It has been a dream of Jonah's to share his love for cooking with others. Jonah will be the master behind our delicious food items at the café- including gourmet sandwiches for lunch and delicious breakfast items. The items you will find on Jonah's menu are unique and delicious! You will want to try every single item! Jonah and his father began roasting coffee beans as a hobby, but this quickly turned into more. Kingdom Coffee Roasters Co. is based out of Rochester, IN and is what we supply at the café. We are blessed to have such a talented chef and coffee master on our team. 

Beth - "I went on a mission years ago to perfect the chocolate chip cookie for my husband. After several attempts and a lot of trial and error I finally did it! I wanted my cookies to be soft and gooey with a slightly crispy edge - just how my husband likes them. Over the years, my two daughters and I have taken our cookies to different events and have been told, time and time again, to share them with the world! With a lot of prayers asking God to give us a sign whether or not we should open a cookie business - He gave as a green light! So here we are! We are excited to share what God has gifted us with - the ability to make delicious cookies! I hope you all enjoy them as much as our family and friends have!

God Bless.

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We love because He first loved us. 1 John 4:19

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